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Communicate with confidence and rise above the crowd
One of the most valuable skills you can bring to the workplace is the ability to communicate well. It’s not just a “nice to have”. It’s a clear advantage that can contribute greatly to your success. Do you have the communications skills you need to rise above the crowd?

I draw on more than 25 years of experience serving clients in business, government and the not-for-profit sector. Contact me today to find out how I can help you write and speak your way to great results.
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Words have power. They can inform, inspire, influence and move people to action. Are you using words to their maximum impact? Even more to the point, are you achieving the results you seek? When good writing counts, call on me. I can help you shape your thoughts into compelling speeches, presentations, memos, briefing notes. business letters, case studies, op-eds, by-lined articles, blogposts and more.
Few people come to the work world equipped with top-notch speechwriting, presentation design or business writing skills. Most learn on the job through trial and error. What if you could build your competence quickly, or get your entire team up to speed at the same time? Register for one of my scheduled workshops or webinars, or contact me to book a customized session in-house or online.

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Do you have a speech or presentation coming up? Speakers: If so, I'll work with you to fine tune your delivery and your content. The result? You'll sound natural and confident when you combine words tailored to your style with a strong strategic focus. Writers: I’ll work with you (or a small group) in person or online to sharpen your speechwriting or presentation design skills.

Want to inspire your team or group to communicate with confidence? I can turn one of my workshops into a talk, or deliver my signature presentation Communicate With Confidence: New Rules For The Digital Age. I’ve spoken at communications and tech conferences in Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Ottawa, England, and once aboard a cruise ship sailing the Chilean Fjords.

A speechwriter is like a carpenter. With Wendy's tools and training, I feel more like a master and less like an apprentice.
Kristina Jensen, Government of Canada Speechwriter

Write Out Loud: Strategic Speechwriting

October, 2017 (date TBA) - $675 plus HST
This workshop will set you on course to produce high quality speeches consistently. You'll learn how to plan and structure a speech, write the way people talk, weave in compelling stories and metaphors that simplify complex issues, use visual language to make abstract ideas concrete, breathe life into statistics, edit a speech in minutes and use templates and metrics to achieve rock solid results. If you write, deliver, coordinate or contribute to speeches, or if you'd like to get into speechwriting, plan to be in the room.

Value Beyond Words: Advanced Speechwriting

October, 2017 (date TBA) - $675 plus HST
This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to build on their strategic speechwriting skills to communicate more persuasively or for experienced writers who want to "get juiced" again. You'll take a deep dive into topics such as how to exert influence using rhetorical devices and advanced argument techniques, tell stories designed to make an impact on business audiences, create original humour, repurpose your work for the op-ed page and social media, boost your creativity when it flags and much more.
Write Out Loud: Strategic Speechwriting PLUS Value Beyond Words: Advanced Speechwriting
Two-day package $1250 plus HST
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