Training & coaching to boost your speechwriting skills to new heights

Like most people, you didn’t come to the workplace equipped to produce top-notch speeches. Instead, you’re trying to learn through trial and error. And that can be frustrating. But, what if you could round the learning the curve faster? That’s where I can help.
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If you’ve fallen into speechwriting, you’re not alone!

Picking up speechwriting skills on your own is a challenge. I know that from experience. I remember my own start as a speechwriter. It was painful. Trying to figure out the main point, getting the content to flow and making it interesting and engaging was hard work.
To cope, I soaked up everything about speechwriting. I read books, went to conferences and asked seasoned speechwriters for tips and advice. Then, I started breaking each speech assignment into steps. Soon enough, I came up with a process and my drafts improved. I continued to hone my skills until I could write strong keynote speeches. The result? Assignments followed from clients that included industry leaders, government ministers and executives in the not-for-profit world.
After 30 years of speechwriting, I’m happy to share my expertise so that you can go from trying to get it right to doing a great job - every time. Check out my online courses. If you’re not sure which one is right for you or you have questions, give me a call or drop me a line.
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The Spoken Word Strategist

Words have power. They can inform, inspire, influence and move people to action. Are your words making an impact and helping you achieve the results you seek? If it's important to persuade people to your point of view, or get them to take action, please call on me. I can help you shape your thoughts into compelling speeches, presentations, video scripts, op-eds and more.
Few people come to the work world with the writing skills they need to produce top-notch speeches and presentations. Most learn on the job through trial and error. But, what if you could build your competence quickly? Register for one of my scheduled sessions or invite me to train your team.

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Do you have a big speech or presentation coming up? If you're a speaker, I'll work with you to develop your content and customize it to match your delivery style. The result? You'll sound natural and confident. Writers: Preparing a speech or presentation for someone else to deliver can be a challenge. I’ll work with you to sharpen your speechwriting skills or your ability to combine a script and visuals into an outstanding presentation.

Speechwriting in Five Steps (Essential Skills)

An online course delivered in two half-day sessions. Dates for next course TBD.

Like most people do, you’re probably trying to pick up speechwriting skills on your own. But learning through trial and error can be a frustrating slog. Wouldn’t it be better if you could navigate the learning curve faster and achieve superb results sooner? That was my aim in creating Speechwriting in Five Steps. It covers how to plan and structure a speech, express ideas in clear, conversational language, add persuasion, and edit drafts to a polished level. Register today and take the fast, sure route to turning out effective speeches.

Managers and Team Leaders: Please note this course is available on demand for delivery to your team or group. Contact me for details and dates.

12 seats available
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