Communicate With Confidence: New Rules for the Digital Age

Digital technology in general, and social media in particular, have radically changed the way people communicate. Have your presenting skills kept pace? In this dynamic session, Wendy Cherwinski, the spoken word strategist, explains what anyone who wants to exert influence has to do today to connect with an audience, keep people engaged and move them to accept new ideas or take the action you reccoment. Wendy also shares three major ways your audience’s expectations have changed and what you need to do to adapt. Plus she leads the audience through some simple exercises that drive her points home. You’ll come away with a blueprint for creating content and handouts that will capture the attention of listeners, including the Millennial generation, and persuade them to get behind your ideas.

Between 30 min and 3 hours in length
Wendy's concise presentation has proven invaluable to me and my team. In a time when electronic correspondence with clients is becoming the norm, her techniques and advice resonate.
Michael Sadeh, Business Development Specialist

Writing Secrets Culled From The Silent Profession

Here’s a shocker for anyone who wants to engage a reader. Microsoft recently released a study that says people now have attention spans shorter than goldfish. So, what does this news have to do with the way you write? Well, it means you better be sharp. Dull, wordy, meandering prose doesn’t keep readers or listeners engaged. And, if they don’t read what you write or listen to what you say, how are you going to build support for your ideas? The answer is to adopt the writing style that speechwriters (the “silent profession”) use to cut through the noise and make a strong impression on audiences. You’ll leave this session with tips, tactics and templates for expressing yourself in simple, clear, persuasive language. For great results, apply the techniques to email, blogs, reports or whatever kind of writing you do.

Between 30 min and 2 hours in length

Simple Steps to Superb Speeches

A well-crafted speech is a powerful medium for getting your message across. But, if that’s true, why are so many speeches painfully boring? The answer is sad but simple. Most people lack the know-how to create a compelling speech because it isn't a skill that's taught widely. This session will change that situation. You’ll get practical advice on how to plan a speech, write the way people talk,make abstract ideas concrete with visual language, use persuasion to move people to action, engage with stories and humour and tell the story behind the data. At the end of the session, you’ll be rarin’ to get to work on your next speech and ready to achieve great results.

Between 20 min and 3 hours in length
Wendy spoke at our Women Business Owners IDEX Forum. She is an engaging presenter who really knows her subject and makes it interesting. She left the participants energized with her enthusiasm and expertise. Everyone left the Forum eager to test out her ideas.
Sheldon Rice CIM, FCSI, Investment Advisor, Raymond James
Wendy’s presentation to Femfessionals about delivering a presentation was very engaging and interesting. The feedback I received from participants was excellent. She is an expert in her subject matter and her presentation was very valuable to our members and participants. I highly recommend Wendy.
Fanny Havel, Femfessionals Coordinator, Ottawa Chapter