Speechwriting In Five Steps (Essential Skills)

An online course delivered in two half-day sessions. Dates for next course TBD. Price $595.

12 seats available
Are you new to speechwriting…or someone who occasionally contributes to speeches…or a veteran in search of a refresher? Whatever category you fit into, register for the Five Steps course and boost your skills to new heights.

Five Steps covers the nuts and bolts of speechwriting. You’ll learn how to plan and structure a speech, write in clear, conversational language, add persuasion, and edit your work to produce flawless drafts.

But the course isn’t all theory. You’ll also use your critical thinking skills to analyze video excerpts of speakers delivering speeches, test-drive techniques during hands-on exercises, get answers to your speechwriting questions and join in brainstorming specific challenges that you and your fellow participants face.

It’s a lot to pack into two-half days. So, don’t worry if the sessions zip by in a flash. You can always review the video recording. Plus, you’ll take away a manual that reflects and augments the course content in the form of tips, templates, how-to and why-to articles, step-by-step descriptions of techniques, checklists, resource links and a bibliography of the best books, blogs and newsletters on speechwriting.

What You’ll Cover In Two Half-Day Sessions

Day One

Plan Your Speech
  • Support the speaker
  • Analyze the audience
  • Choose your content carefully
  • Craft your main point and supporting points
  • Work with outlines

Structure Your Speech
  • Create an opening that draws 'em in
  • Keep up the momentum in the middle
  • Close on strength with a compelling thought or call to action

Write The Way People Talk
  • Give your writing energy
  • Test your spoken-word writing skills
  • Beauty Makeover Exercise (homework)

Day Two

Write The Way People Talk (continued)
  • Review Beauty Makeover Exercise
  • Create “white space” with pauses
  • Guide the flow with smooth transitions

Make Your Speech Persuasive
  • Aim for impact by using salience and other techniques
  • Turn statistics into stories that stick
  • Convince your audience of the benefits to them
  • Harness the power of visual language

Edit Your Work
  • Use well-tested speechwriting metrics
  • Perform a five-minute edit for clarity, cohesion and style
  • Adapt your speech to the Zoom age
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