Speechwriting In Five Steps (The Essentials)

Are you new to speechwriting? Need a refresher? Want to hone your skills? Few people enter the workforce trained to write effective speeches. Instead, they learn the craft on-the-job, through trial and error.

Five Steps covers the nuts and bolts of speechwriting. In addition to learning how to plan a speech like a pro, you’ll learn how to analyze your audience and use the information to connect with them, reflect the speaker’s voice, style and personality, choose the ‘right’ content, add persuasion and much more including how to:

  • Create a logical flow of ideas
  • Craft an engaging opening
  • Make abstract ideas concrete for the audience
  • Write the way people talk
  • Use transitions and pauses to keep audience interest high
  • Edit a speech for clarity, cohesion and style
  • Create a powerful close that gives people something meaningful to think about or calls them to action
  • Make use of key speechwriting metrics

This workshop includes instruction, a multimedia online presentation, hands-on exercises, and time to answer your speechwriting questions. You’ll also take away a speechwriting manual filled with how-to articles, checklists, templates, practical tips, and lists of recommended reading and digital resources.

Available on request.

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