Value Beyond Words (Advanced Skills)

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This workshop is designed for people who want to build on strategic speechwriting skills to boost their ability to communicate persuasively. You’ll put some of the speechwriter’s most powerful tools and techniques under the microscope. For example, the course covers how to structure persuasive arguments, use rhetorical devices and use story to reinforce key points and create original humor the way comedians do.

You’ll also learn tactics for positioning yourself as both a wordsmith AND a trusted advisor to the speakers you support, as well as how to recharge your creativity, use props and repurpose speeches into op-ed pieces, newsletter article, blogposts and video scripts. In addition to instruction, the workshop includes writing exercises, video analysis of speeches and time for Q&As. Here’s what you’ll cover in more detail.
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Make the most of persuasion. You'll learn how to:
  • Connect leadership and persuasion
  • Exploit the levels of persuasion
  • Use rhetorical devices to heighten impact
  • Ask strategic questions to coach listeners;
  • Apply the Monroe motivated sequence, a four-part close and other persuasive templates

Expand the reach of your speech. You'll learn how to repurpose a speech into:
  • An op-ed
  • A newsletter article or
  • A blog post
  • A video script

Use story to make speeches engaging and memorable. We'll cover how to:
  • Choose the right story approach
  • Borrow from the screenwriters’ toolkit to keep audience engagement high
  • Weave stories throughout a speech
  • Create original humour or adapt from other sources
  • Use humour to do more than entertain
  • Elements, rules and pitfalls of humour
  • How to adapt from various sources and even create original humour

Boost your creativity behind the scenes and your speaker’s creativity on-stage. We'll explore techniques to:
  • Get out of a rut when you've been writing about the same subject for a long time
  • Work with props
  • Take a page from the event planner’s notebook to make it all run smoothly

Wendy reinforces instruction with a multimedia show and brings theory to life by sharing stories, examples and lessons learned during three decades of speechwriting experience. Students also take part in hands-on exercises and Q&A sessions.

At the end of the session you’ll take away:
  • A manual filled with checklists, templates, how-to articles and other useful tools and resources
  • A Value Beyond Words Aide Mémoire
  • A certificate of completion (pdf)
  • A subscription to The Spoken Word, a monthly e-newsletter for people who write, manage, contribute to and/or deliver speeches and presentations
Wendy's workshops will kick open the doors of creativity, pull you out of any rut you may be in and give you the tools you need to build a great speech.
Aimée Feaver, Freelance Business Writer, Toronto

Payment & Cancellation
Your payment is due before workshop materials are sent. If you have to drop out before you receive workshop materials, Spoken Word Strategies reserves the right to keep $50 from your fee to cover admin costs. Once workshop materials have been sent to you, no refunds will be made.
You can, however, rebook to attend a future workshop.

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