Writing is at the heart of the work I’ve done in my previous careers in journalism, public affairs and as president of Echelon Communications Inc. My specialities include:

Business Writing

It’s easy to spend hours of precious time on business writing, when you could be tackling other more critical, time-sensitive issues. To avoid that scenario, I can take on some or all of the work. Perhaps you’d like to send a persuasive letter to prospective clients; seek support for your plans in a memo to business partners or the highest echelons of your company; put together a report, including a succinct executive summary; or describe a new policy or program to subordinates in a memo. If so, contact me to discuss how I can help you communicate in a clear, concise, strategic way that maximizes your effectiveness but minimizes your effort.


One of the biggest creative challenges is writing copy that sells. You can have a terrific product or service, but unless you communicate it, your ideas won’t translate into revenue. Careful research and planning combined with well chosen words and images are the copywriter’s best tools. I can put those tools to work for you to create compelling promos and ad copy in print and online.


People have been giving speeches since the dawn of recorded history. And for good reason. No other medium has the power of a well-crafted speech to shape opinion, influence attitudes or call people to action. With more than 25 years of speechwriting experience to draw on, I welcome any assignment, from a keynote to a ceremonial speech to a presentation with visuals. Each assignment is an opportunity to reach out and connect with people, make them think and influence them to accept new ideas or take action. It’s a privilege to work with people from all walks of life. Over the years, my clients have included senior executives in some of Canada’s biggest and most innovative companies, Ministers of the Crown, military leaders, government policy makers, senior program officers, and executives in the not-for-profit sector.


It takes time and skill to produce writing that stands out. But you know it's worth it. Good writing can bring you wide exposure, keep your enterprise top of mind with customers, and position you as a thought leader. Chances are though, other areas of your organization are also crying for your attention. Sadly, you can’t clone yourself — at least not yet. But, you do have another option. Hire a ghostwriter. I can work with you to create material that is well researched and expertly written in your voice. I’m experienced at writing magazine features, newsletter articles, blog and social media posts, op-eds and case studies. We can collaborate on a one-time project, or make a plan and follow it to create a series of pieces you can use to reach a goal, such as building a blog following or getting op-eds and articles published in prestigious publications.