Writing is at the heart of the work I do as The Spoken Word Strategist.

Speechwriting & Presentation Design

People have been giving speeches since the dawn of recorded history. And for good reason. No other medium has the power of a well-crafted speech to shape opinion, influence attitudes or call people to action. With 30 years of speechwriting experience to draw on, I welcome any assignment, from a keynote to a ceremonial speech to a presentation with visuals. Each one is an opportunity to reach out and connect with people, make them think and influence them to get behind a speaker’s ideas or to take action. Over the years I've have had the privilege of working with senior executives in some of North America’s biggest and most innovative companies, federally elected cabinet ministers, entrepreneurs, military leaders, government policy makers and program managers, and not-for-profit sector executives.
I hired Wendy to help me develop a presentation to deliver to a group of 200 global sales team members of a key client of mine, itself a global brand. Wendy's strategic approach to communications as well as the tools and techniques she coached me on were a key factor in helping me develop and deliver an impactful and memorable presentation. Wendy's guidance on developing the framework of the "story" of the presentation, writing the copy and developing the slide content was invaluable.
Kerry Mortimer, President at Mortimer Marketing Group | Marketing Strategy, Social Selling, Partnership Marketing
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