The King's Speech

Whoever thought that a movie that, on the surface, is about someone overcoming a stammer could rivet so much attention. But people are heading to the theatre in droves to see The King's Speech.

I intend to be among them shortly. In the meantime I'm feasting on reading what other communicators have to say.

Speechwriter Hal Gordon wrote a touching story that focused on some of the things King George VI said, rather than his difficulty in saying them. In a wartime Christmas message, the King chose to repeat some obscure lines of poetry in an effort to give the British people hope. The lines had a powerful effect on all who heard them. And when the King died, they were engraved on his tomb. Read the story here. Christmas may be passed, but it’s a story well worth the read any time of year.

Communications trainer Bert Decker blogged that his favorite line in the movie was "You must have faith in your voice!" (Decker Blog) "And that's the single most important principle that any speaking coach can tell their client," he added. [Without the help of speech therapist Lionel Logue] "the King might not have spoken to inspire England with his leadership as he did. Who knows what the world would have looked like now. Speaking is powerful."

I’ll share more thoughts once I’ve seen the movie myself.