3 Attention-Getting Tips From Copywriters

One of the biggest challenges to communicating with people is getting and holding their attention. Speech givers have an especially tough time. They have to shape their content to connect with and engage listeners in the here and now. Otherwise, their message falls on deaf ears. Copywriters live and die by their ability to win attention through words. Here are three copywriting tips you can use to keep your audience with you.

  • Use harmony to engage - Open by talking to the audience about something of common interest or agreement. Get them nodding yes as you describe the highlights of the city you both love, or the worthiness of the cause you both support, or the threat that you perceive as a danger to all. Once you’ve established this common ground, move onto your message. Chances are everyone will be listening.

  • Tap into people’s curiosity - Take advantage of the technique used by mystery writers, TV dramatists and pitchmen like the legendary marketer Ron “But wait, there’s more!!" Popeil. Stop at critical points in the narrative to hint that there’s more of interest or intrigue to come.

  • Involve the audience - People feel more engaged when they’re involved, than when they’re just casual bystanders. So transport your listeners emotionally into the speech. Help them form a mental picture of what the future can hold or imagine themselves taking the action you propose.