Make Key Ideas Pop Like a Pub Poster

Nothing cuts to the chase faster than a pub food poster. After all, it has exactly one aim: to whet your appetite as a means of getting to your wallet. So, a good graphic designer isn’t going to let anything come between your eyes and your understanding of what the poster is all about.

Clarity is every bit as important when you write a speech or presentation. But, it’s harder to achieve. Speakers generally feel obligated to say more to an audience than the wings are good and they’re cheap: so buy ‘em. Plus, the topics and issues they want to communicate are usually more complex. The trick then is to make key points pop — so they’ll stand out and stick in listeners’ minds.

Use these three tips to do just that.

Stay focused - What are you trying to achieve? Know the answer. Then make sure every element of your speech or presentation is leading listeners along that path. If something isn’t on point, revise it or cut it out.
Boss the detail - People can only handle so much detail when they are listening. Even if you plan to deliver your talk from bullets, or by following the flow of a slide deck, write out and rehearse from a script. You’ll be less likely to wander into the weeds on presentation day.
Be bold - Take a highlighter and mark the key points in your script. Do they stand out? Can you make them shorter and sharper? Deliver each one with added emphasis. Then pause to let it sink in.