Scribbles: Capturing attitude; touching clients daily; new word needed

Set up/punchline -

What do good sentences and cartoon captions share in common? They both capture an attitude says Cody Walker, a teacher of writing at the University of Michigan. To get his students to write tight, he assigns them to enter the New Yorker magazine Cartoon Caption Contest. Read his guest essay in The Cartoon Bureau: Memorandum on humour, from the desk of Bob Mankoff.

Relationships trump all -

Communicators need to make a shift from delivering information to providing insight says Evan Solomon, host of CBC TV's Power and Politics and CBC Radio's The House. In a keynote presentation to the Canadian Public Relations Society conference, he also urged his audience to develop deep relationships with clients and stakeholders by touching them daily in some way.

A new twist on name that tune -

"We need a word for songs that weren't big hits at the time, but grew in popularity over the years e.g. Sweet Caroline & Don't Stop Believing." Tweeted by Andrew Coyne @acoyne Any ideas?