Present with Precision

An oral presentation can be a powerful vehicle for communicating important ideas in a way that enables listeners to understand issues, reach decisions and take action. This workshop introduces students to the tools, templates and techniques they can use to create dynamic presentations, support them with compelling visuals and deliver with more confidence. Exercises conducted throughout the day are designed to help participants build strategic thinking, planning and writing skills.

During the half-day session, participants cover how to:

  • Set a clear objective and use it to choose the best content
  • Conduct research to determine the mood of the audience
  • Use templates to speed up preparation and help the audience follow your arguments
  • Expand or drastically cut a presentation to suit different audiences and circumstances
  • Create simple, attractive visuals that reinforce key points
Workshop leader and experienced presentation writer Wendy Cherwinski infuses subject material with stories, anecdotes and examples drawn from real life assignments. Learning is reinforced by a slide show and exercises that allow students to try out the concepts they have just learned. Each student receives a manual packed with templates, guidelines, checklists, articles and a valuable list of resources.